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One of the most common questions I get is 'What exactly is coaching?'.  In short, coaching is about working with people to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.  A good coach will help you stay motivated, stay focussed, overcome limitations and achieve your aims faster - whatever those aims may be

I've coached people with health, well-being and fitness goals, people setting up new businesses, people seeking to improve their performance at work, job hunters and people studying towards new qualifications to mention just a few!

It's also worth highlighting what coaching is not.  A coach is not a counsellor or mentor, and generally isn’t there to tell you what to do or offer advice, but a good coach will:


>     Help you cut through the ‘noise’ that surrounds us all in everyday life and help you

       focus on what’s truly important to you.


>     Help you focus on today and on the future – concentrating on the future you want to

       create rather than on the past.


>     Support you in staying motivated and focused on what you want to achieve.


>     Challenge you – where appropriate – to think or act differently to help you achieve your



>     Encourage and support you to reach your full potential, remaining non-judgemental,

       objective and open throughout the process.

>     Hold you accountable for your action, ensuring that you take the positive steps forward

       agreed between you and your coach that will help you reach your goals.



The list above isn’t exhaustive, but hopefully gives you a flavour of the role of the coach.  In return, it’s important that coaching clients:


>     Recognise that the coaching process is an investment in your development, be that

       personal or professional. 


>     Commit to the principles of coaching to aid your development.


>     Commit to open and honest communication with your coach at all times.


>     Be open to challenges to your current thoughts, ideas and behaviours.


>     Be willing to embrace necessary challenges in order to achieve your aims.

Coaching isn't about “needing help.”  The Coach / Coachee relationship is a really positive one, and is all about you working with a professional partner as you challenge yourself, overcome obstacles and reach your goals.  The concept of coaching is new to many people though, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions - I'll be happy to help. 

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