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Excellent talk and insight into coaching from Stewart Dick this morning - certainly got a lot of minds thinking about the future!!


Group Coaching Participant


Stewart has been my coach for a period of about six months.  I found the experience to be extremely positive and he has made a very positive impact on me and my level of personal performance.

Stewart is personable and has an inviting personality.  His casual style made me feel at ease and I found it easy to open up and build a trusting relationship.  He is good at addressing limiting beliefs and was not afraid to encourage me to push the boundaries.  I always felt that he was listening and would effectively react and summarise my thoughts throughout our coaching sessions.

I would not hesitate to recommend Stewart and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions which were very effective in helping me to move forward with my particular goals.


Personal Coaching Client

Limerick, Ireland

I cannot thank you enough for the work we have done together so far, I am feeling inspired and motivated to achieve – the sky is the limit!


Personal Coaching Client


Stewart is a great guy who helped me chill and sort priorities.


Personal Coaching Client

Auckland, New Zealand

Having had a very positive meeting last week with my line manager I cannot stress enough how significant the impact has been of having a mentor to work with on personal development.

Since meeting Stewart in March he has inspired, encouraged and equipped me with simple yet effective strategies to succeed in my daily role, personal and career development.

Stewart is personable and professional with a true strategic vision taken from listening and understanding individual positions, goals and inspirations. The tools I have been given have been invaluable in allowing me to focus, plan and achieve.

In just a few short months I have structured a business plan and personal development goals and am continually adapting and improving these to benefit and succeed.

I have been asked to share my strategies with colleagues which I will delighted to do but foremost I would encourage everyone to seek a mentor relationship and in my opinion Stewart Dick cannot be recommended more highly!

EMcN, Financial Services Sales Manager

Personal Coaching & Mentorship Client


Stewart and I covered a lot of ground in our sessions. Stewart was always friendly and calm in his approach which made it possible to speak at ease.

Stewart did a lot of work to help me unravel a number issues or concerns which had built up and which were playing on my mind and blocking me from moving forward. With Stewart’s help I was able to identify both personal and business aims and objectives and come up with a clear, manageable strategy with which to address them. This meant I was more organised, achieved deadlines and made better use of my time.

In a short space of time I was able to see changes occur and a clearer path forwards which meant I could move on with a sense of achievement and renewed energy.

SB, Business Owner

Personal Coaching Client


In the beginning, working with a coach was completely out-with my comfort zone.

Although at times it was quite challenging having to acknowledge what I wanted to work on and how to do this, Stewart was able to adapt and apply different methods to challenge my thoughts which helped put me at ease.  This allowed me to change my outlook to get the results that I want.  This has also resulted in me being able to take greater control over my own thoughts and decisions.


His professionalism, versatility and desire to continue to develop himself makes him very easy to work with and allowed a successful outcome.  The tools that he has been provided me with through the coaching have been fantastic and I have carried these on with me and I am now able to apply these tools to various aspects of my life.


Stewart is very personable, pays attention to the individual, suits his working style to the individual and ultimately knows how to get results.  I would highly recommend Stewart to friends and colleagues and would happily work with him again. 

LC, Personal Coaching Client


Stewart's style suited my sensitivity and matched the gentle approach I was looking for. As I gained more confidence in speaking about the desires I had for my life and the obstacles that were preventing me from reaching them, Stewart instinctively knew when to become more challenging and helped me to connect to the areas of my life where I was courageous and did have resilience, which allowed me to apply those strengths to other situations. I felt really encouraged to take stock of the skills and capabilities that I had
forgotten I had, which I could then apply to my current goals and aspirations.

Thank you Stewart for helping me to reconnect to my values, gain clarity on how I want to live my life and how I can go about achieving that.

LR, Personal Coaching Client


I attended the Goal Setting & Mindset workshop last night. It’s really helped me to have a clear plan toward my goals. I would really recommend the session for anyone looking to get clear in your goals and how you’ll meet them.

WH, Workshop Participant


"A natural leader and mentor with sound coaching and developing skills"

"An all-round go to person"

"Stewart gave me the courage to do things I was nervous about doing but was always there to help me along the way"

"...a willing 'sounding board' whenever required"

Extracts from recommendations received from previous team members managed by Stewart

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